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About Essilor

Who is Essilor?

We are a company whose mission is to improve life by improving sight.

Given that there are 4.5 billion people that require visual correction, and also that each one of the 7.2 billion people on our planet needs to protect his or her eyes, this is quite an ambitious task…But really this is what makes the 61,000 of us at Essilor get up in the morning!

As you can imagine, this mission takes different shapes and forms….

For example, we design and manufacture a whole array of optical products and solutions such as lenses, frames, sunglasses, that we distribute all over the world. Our researchers are constantly developing products to take into account our changing environment: more young people becoming myopic than ever before, an aging population, the increase in the time we all spend looking at digital devices, potentially exposing our eyes to the longer-term consequences of harmful blue-violet light, etc

We also spend a lot of resources and efforts to develop new business models, in particular in countries where people do not have sufficient access to eye screenings or optical stores.  In India, we train micro-entrepreneurs called EyeMitras (“friends of the eyes” in Hindi) to provide these services in their own villages; in China and Brazil, we train Vision Ambassadors. Together with our charity activities, these initiatives have allowed us to provide eyecare to 2 million people around the world over the past 3 years.

Last, we constantly think about how we can make the path to eyewear more convenient and also more fun… this is why we have developed 

If you are interested in finding out more about some of the things we do, go have a look at Essilor See Change. And if you are interested in joining us, please go visit our LinkedIn Career page.  

You can also contact us at or 

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