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Flash News #7

Be ready for any adventure with sport frames for every budget. 


Getting ready for a race or just kicking around a soccer ball? Don’t forget your sunglasses! Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging UVA-UVB and from potential impact that could harm your eyes. Here are sev...

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Flash News #6

5 stylish sunglasses under $50


Always looking to be trendy on a budget? Then you’ll love these five sunnies under $50!

Flash Frames #1: Timeless round shades.

Round shades are the perfect accessory for music festivals and concerts. If the ticket price hasn’t left you with much shopping money, ...

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Flash News #5

How FlashFrames has been created? By Visenze, our tech partner.


Once we had the idea to simplify how to find your perfect sunglasses, we needed a technology partner to help make our vision a reality. Enter ViSenze, a Singapore-based image recognition start-up company that worked with us from the...

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Flash News #4

FLASHFRAMES: Shopping for Fall Sunglasses Just Got Easier!


Updating your wardrobe for fall probably includes finding the right sunglasses for the season. If you’ve been eyeing your favorite blogger’s sunnies but don’t know where to look and don’t want to spend a fortune, FlashFrames is for you. ...

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Flash News #3

 The blog "Southern Elle Style" speaks about FlashFrames!


Fashion blogger Lauren Spann is sharing her experience using FlashFrames, explaining just how simple it is to find the sunglasses you love.

"Well, because of FlashFrames, your life just got easier," Lauren writes in her blog “The Modern ...

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Flash News #2

Searching but Not Finding Sunglasses You Want Online?


We know how you feel. At FlashFrames, we weren’t always happy with the filtering results when looking online for a specific pair of sunglasses.  Search terms and filters on eyewear websites often left us empty-handed when trying to find a pai...

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Flash News #1

Welcome to FlashFrames!

Have you ever swooned over a pair of glasses seen online, without being able to find it even after fruitless Google keyword searches?

FlashFrames is here for you! Just take or upload a photo of your desired glasses to find similar ones instantly! And good news we have stylish...

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