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Searching but Not Finding Sunglasses You Want Online?


We know how you feel. At FlashFrames, we weren’t always happy with the filtering results when looking online for a specific pair of sunglasses.  Search terms and filters on eyewear websites often left us empty-handed when trying to find a pair of sunglasses we saw on the street, in a photo or in a magazine that didn’t name the brand. Then it came to us – why not use a picture of the sunglasses to instantly find those frames?  So that’s what we did, and FlashFrames was born.

Why sunglasses? Aside from the style benefits, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And while you’re looking for your perfect shades, be sure to schedule your annual eye exam. If you need prescription sunglasses, you can take your new shades to your eye doctor who can fit them with prescription lenses.  

Let’s try FlashFrames to find sunglasses similar to these below.


Sunglasses finder with FlashFrames


If you were browsing on a typical website, how would you describe this frame shape to find it? Wayfarer? Rectangle? It can be difficult to find the right words to explain what you see. We designed FlashFrames to allow you search more easily. At, you simply upload a photo or image of your desired pair of sunglasses and we do all the work to find the frame or the closest match available online in a variety of different price ranges from a wide selection of trusted online retailers. 


FlashFrames choice of sunglasses


No more struggling to find the right words to describe what you want. Just snap or upload your photo for the easiest online shopping experience that puts you in control!.  You can instantly find and purchase the products that inspire you in a few clicks with

Enjoy the experience!

Flash Frames Team

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