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Flash News #5

How FlashFrames has been created? By Visenze, our tech partner.


Once we had the idea to simplify how to find your perfect sunglasses, we needed a technology partner to help make our vision a reality. Enter ViSenze, a Singapore-based image recognition start-up company that worked with us from the beginning to create this new shopping experience

The result of our collaboration is an easy to use tool that allows you to snap or upload a photo of your desired pair of sunglasses to to instantly find similar ones within a wide range of prices and brands.

flash a frames to get similar styles thanks to flashframes is built around a visual experience that uses artificial intelligence algorithms that see and understand images and a buyer’s intent. It’s based on a visual-driven search and discovery experience that allows users to find items with images instead of keywords. Read more about our partnership with ViSenze here.

"With this new product search and navigation experience, shoppers can simply upload a picture (on mobile or desktop) featuring any sunglasses and be instantly presented with the same or visually similar eyewear available in Essilor’s e-commerce sites (FramesDirect, Coastal, EyeBuyDirect, etc.)…”.


Selfies of sunglasses just flash it to find similar affordable sunnies

If you have not tried our service yet, you should give it a try now. Stop struggling to find the exact keywords to describe what glasses you are looking for, just snap or upload the picture of the frames you want to get instantly a large selection of similar frames for every budget! Now just flash your frames!

Give it a try it’s easy!

Enjoy the experience!


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