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Flash News #3

 The blog "Southern Elle Style" speaks about FlashFrames!


Fashion blogger Lauren Spann is sharing her experience using FlashFrames, explaining just how simple it is to find the sunglasses you love.

"Well, because of FlashFrames, your life just got easier," Lauren writes in her blog “The Modern Way To Purchase Sunglasses," for Southern Elle Style. She talks about the struggle to find stylish sunglasses for a reasonable price. "Some sunglasses are just way out of budget!"

Read more from her blog and see how you can easily upload a photo of the sunglasses you want and find similar styles at a variety of price points from trusted online retailers. And if you wear prescription sunglasses, you can use FlashFrames, too. Simply take your new shades to your eye doctor to have them fitted with your prescription lenses.

Stay on trendand get the sunglasses  you want at a reasonable price. 

We hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy the experience!

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Full article available here.

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